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Content design, UX writing and content strategy

The field of content and UX has evolved into a myriad of disciplines. This can be a little overwhelming, even for an insider. Let me explain the differences between the disciplines I specialise in: content design, UX writing and content strategy.

In most of my projects and assignments, I mix at least two of the three disciplines into my approach. Curious to know how I can do this for your project? Tell me what you’re working on, and we’ll discuss how I can bring your content and UX to the next level.

Content design

A content designer focuses on the content the app, website or platform is (being) built for.

Content design is the process of

  • identifying user needs
  • content discovery
  • creating solid information flows
  • choosing the most suitable content formats
  • creating, testing and improving the content

This process guarantees that the user will be successful because you provide content that is usable and useful. It’s important to always take into account the needs of the user and any incapacitating cognitive and emotional aspects that may be at play. Never too much content, just what’s necessary.

Collaboration and communication with other parties are crucial in content design. A good content designer is curious to understand different points of view and is open to feedback.

UX writing

A UX writer is also referred to as a product or interface writer. The UX writing process is quite similar to that of content design. In UX writing, you also start with the user needs, then create and test content that works for your audience.

As a UX writer I can work for any interface, from screens to voice-operated ones (VUI).

UX writers focus on the interface content, such as the words on buttons, on form labels and navigation elements. Plus, all the other words that guide the user through flows and processes like sign-up, ordering or self-service. The right content makes those flows easy and intuitive. They help the user achieve their goals. 

By definition, a UX writer collaborates with their design and UX colleagues. They never work in isolation. By discussing with all stakeholders, the UX writer can identify obstacles and opportunities, and make them work for the user. This is particularly useful when it comes to error messages, for instance. A good UX writer who is part of the process can help design an ideal approach that is not (too) disruptive to the flow.


Content strategy

Do you have a team of content professionals? Multiple content channels to maintain and publish to? Then you need a content strategy.

A content strategy is not solely about creation, it’s about the full lifecycle of your content. It builds a solid foundation, and provides guidance for governance, maintenance and migration. Thanks to processes which are developed to fit your organisation, clear guidelines and practical tools, it helps your team make effective content, efficiently.

As every organisation is unique, a one-size-fits-all content strategy doesn’t exist. Above all, a content strategy is a sustainable, ongoing process that needs to be embedded in the organisation. I develop your content strategy by talking with your team, running workshops and coaching. Through collaboration, we discover what works best for your organisation.

How we can work together

I’m an independent consultant, so there are multiple ways we can collaborate. For consulting, training or coaching, I can

  • join your team
  • assemble a team for you
  • work as a team-of-one.

Contact me to talk about the possibilities of long term projects, ad-hoc support, consulting, training and workshops.