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Creativity World Forum ’11 – Professor Jamie Anderson: Lady Gaga as a model for your social efforts

I think it’s safe to say that most attendants at the Creativity World Forum are interested to learn more about possibilities to combine their creativity with success. Antwerp based, Australian born Prof. Jamie Anderson is the author of the book “The Fine Art of Success”, was named Management Guru by The Financial Times, was included in a list of the top 25 management thinkers and teaches strategy, innovation and creativity at Antwerp Management School. Although his field could make you think of dry, spreadsheet based, numbers and cases ridden presentations. Anderson’s presentation revolves around just one case, and a very refreshing one indeed: it’s the emergence and success of Lady Gaga.

Creativity World Forum ’11 – Alexander Osterwalder on Business Model Innovation

A blogpost in English, sorry about any confusion. This is a recap of an interesting presentation I attended at the Creativity World Forum 2011, hosted by Flanders DC in Hasselt, Belgium. How relevant is a business plan this day and age? If you think about it, most business plans don’t even survive the contact with customers. Therefore, plans are worthless, planning is everything.